About Dr.PC

Doctor PC  makes it fast and easy to get your laptop,
CCTV , SAT system repaired.
Since 2000, Doctor PC has provided great repairs
and outstanding service to individuals,
schools and businesses throughout Cyprus. No phone trees,
appointments or service depots,
just great personalized service and fast repairs delivered
anywhere in Cyprus. 
Outstanding customer service and top quality repairs.
That's what Doctor PC  is known for and
 what we continually deliver to our customers. 
Great customer service is our guiding principle.
Our goal is to deliver quality service while making
the process fast and easy for our customers. 
Doctor PC certified technicians are the best in
the industry and know your laptop inside and out. All repairs,
upgrades and diagnostics are performed in a clean,
organized and professional atmosphere.

Our service advisors are knowledgeable, friendly
and available to answer any questions you may have before,
during and after the repair process.